wszędzie z psem



Czechy z psem, bo dla czechofila Czesi są psiolubnym narodem. Piękne góry, życzliwi ludzie, regionalne i rzemieślnicze piwo…

Keep on the sunny side in Vrchlabí

Here you can check the church, the old fortified castle & Christmas exhibition from Krakonoš point of view in Vrchlabi. The name of the town is closely connected with the location on the river Labe. Soundtrack: Artist: Scott Holmes. Title:… Continue Reading →

Vrchlabi’s breweries: Pivovar Hendrych & Krkonossky Medved

Vrchlabi is a small, charming town in Czech Republic in which you can find two breweries: Pivovar Hendrych and Krkonossky Medved in Pivovarska Basta. Check out the new video report from beer’s tour to Vrchlabi. Soundtrack: Artist: The Vivisectors. Title:… Continue Reading →

Brewery tour – Paroháč

Beer drinking in Paroháč Brewery which is located in Luční Bouda hotel in Krkonose mountains. The brewery is brewing various kind of beer styles: the classical light beer, semi-dark and dark beer or India Pale Ale. Paroháč is also famous… Continue Reading →

Snezka peak (1603 m)

Snezka – the highest peak of Krkonose and Sudetes and the highest mountain in Czech Republic. Snezka is located on the Czech-Polish border. Uphill from Polish-Czech Friendship Trail. Soundtrack: Artist: Red Desert. Title: Sifting the Ashes. Album: Damned by Fate… Continue Reading →

Krkonose: Pec pod Snezkou – Lucní Bouda

Pec pod Snezkou as a starting point and Lucní Bouda as the end of the trip means great winter time in Krkonose, Czech Republic. Trip details: red & green trail – 2:55 h · 7 km | 691 m ↗… Continue Reading →

Ale Festivale 2015 – Kocour Brewery

Famous Varnsdorf’s (Czech Republic) brewery called Kocour organize Ale Festivale every year. Check out our visit there in 2015. Hail to good, Czech ale! Soundtrack: „The Survivor” by Kayleth.

Krasna Lipa & Kyjov

Trip to Krásná Lípa & Kyjov (Czech Republic, Luzicke Hory). Soundtrack: song called „Dark Earth” by Dark Earth from „42012” album.

Křinický Pivovar Falkenstejn

2015/10/30 – visit in Falkenstejn in Krásná Lípa (Czech Republic). Soundtrack: „Can’t Sleep” (feat. Alys Be) by Kryptic Minds from „Can’t Sleep” album.

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