It could be heard from everywhere that Outside Fest in Wojcieszów is unique in terms of punx atmosphere. Ashamed to admit that this was the fifth edition and personally the first time when I went there to see what it is like.


A few words about attendance of Outside Fest 2016… It is not a big festival, more intimate event among friends, or friends of friends. That is the reason of atmosphere which is so amazing. Zero unpleasant situations. Country (in the good sense of the word) punk spirit floating in the air. Those day such small city like Wojcieszów was really capital city of Polish positive punk. 100% D.I.Y. ideas, food, drinks (alco-port), hc/punk/anarchists distros and free campsite. What do you want more? Aaa, maybe music?


Miłek – local folk band opened the festival. It can’t start better. That was a sign that the party will be chilled on the whole weekend.

From the bands which I noticed I feel sorry due to low quality of sound during Ass To Mouth concert. Punk rock is no joke so everyone has to accept some technical problems. Anyway, guys played energetic gig and I think that their music has more and more hardcore influences. It is definitely not a simple grind band as it was years ago.
Noteworthy show was Czech’s band – Slavery. I had some expectations before the gig and I am totally satisfied. It can’t be otherwise if we talking about heavy crust mixed with Bolt Thrower „philosophy”.

4 days before the Outside Fest two bands left the line-up (Wieże Fabryk and Disagreement) but it I have to give respect to the organizers and new bands which decided to play as substitutes (Stan Oskarżenia and Legalize Crime). It was nice experience to see especially the last mentioned band. Legalize Crime played with the new bass and their dark, filthy blues from the gutter makes me proud that we have band such in style of f.e. Eyehategod.

Second day belonged to Mind Pollution which returned to be active. Their lyrics full of suffering caused that in the eyes of some appeared tears. That’s great that this band is alive again.


Ass To Mouth (Wrocław), Burn The Cross (Jasło), Krüger (Praga, Czechy), Legalize Crime (Wrocław), Slavery (Praga, Czechy), Stan Oskarżenia (Wrocław), Antidotum (Warszawa), El Banda (Warszawa), Gattaca (Praga, Czechy), Massmilicja (Warszawa), Mind Pollution (Poznań), Morus (Warszawa), Tiny Ghosts (Freiberg, Niemcy), Dj.xaoc & Dj.viruzz, dj Katka.

On the facebook event’s page there are more details, URLs to bands websites and many, many positive comments, thanks to organizers and request to them for extend the festiwal to 3 days. I have to join to thanks directed towards to them. Up the punx!

Soundtrack: Slavery – Warmachine.

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