Video report from Punx Piknik 2016 from dogs poin of view. Punx Piknik is regular event on Wrocław’s map. 3 days in pleasant, relaxed atmosphere with a lot of punk music, good vege/vegan food and many attractions, like competitions in table tennis, foosball or martial arts tournament. Of course, attendees are open minded people so also opened for animals which could not miss the festival.
Here is the list of band which played there: Barłóg (Wrocław), Stan Oskarżenia (Wrocławska), Job Karma (Wrocław), Hayastan Shakarian (Barcelona), Fate (Wrocław), Black Noise (Pl/Cz), Wolves At The Door (Wrocław), Sheeva Yoga (Ostrava), Smich Hyen (Ostrava), Pseudosonda, Dis-Disaster (Berlin), Totenwald (Berlin), Mind (Berlin), Angry Brigade (Praga), Non President (Outside Fest), Lie After Lie (Wrocław), Witchrite (Gorzów Wlkp), Educator Artz&Anarch (Opole).

First track: FATE – Właśnie patrzę (demo 2003).
Second track: Sheeva Yoga – Soucit > -15°C.

Punx Piknik WP_20160527_18_11_54_Pro pp_plkat